How does the "TWG 3YR Repair/Replace" work for a PC that keeps BSOD?

Good afternoon, 

In May of 2021 I purchased an HP Omen desktop for $2,049 along with the $299 warranty. The computer has worked well but recently started BSOD. I reinstalled Windows and all was well for two months and now it's stuck in an endless self repair/BSOD loop.

I was originally able to reinstall Windows using the key from HP and the Windows tool on a USB. Unfortunately, HP will not provide me with a key and I'm stuck with the endless self repair failed loop.

Can I take this to MC using my warranty? How long do repairs take? When I bought this PC I was stationed at Fort Knox KY and the Cincinnati store was a little over an hour away. I'm now stationed in California and the nearest MC is 3.5 hours away. Dropping off and picking up isn't really an option. 

This is not just a gaming PC but also for online college. What can MC do in this situation?

Thank you!


  • nburckhard
    After several attempts I was able to reinstall Windows. Albeit I'm not sure what I'll do about the Windows key, I'm still getting BSOD for memory. I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and it identified "hardware problems were detected." I've done as much basic troubleshooting shooting as I could on my end. 

    Am I able to walk into MC with the desktop and have them replace the memory under warranty?
  • Ian


    We offer a walk-in service so an appointment is not required. Our Technicians are available Monday-Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sundays from 11am-6pm.

    However, if you’d still like to let us know when you plan to arrive you can schedule a service appointment here:

    For an estimate on turnaround time, please bring the unit into the store and speak with our service department. Our service team would be able to assist with any service questions or turnaround rates as our Community forum is not located at a specific store.

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