should I be worried my gpu is targeting 60c when idle



  • w8deywins


    This is a normal range for idle/load GPU's. This is an average temperature 40-60C not gaming or editing. It seems that your case is suffering from not enough sufficient airflow and could use an extra intake case fan to help push more airflow across the system. A great fan that isn't going to break the bank would be the Arctic P12 for $9. I recommend heading down to your local Micro Center and speaking with a BYO Sales Associate to figure out the details. Hope everything works out! 🎮️

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    Another thing to look at is your case and power supply. The better your efficiency on your PSU the less energy the release as heat. Some cases, especially the newer ones focus on cooling as opposed to external 5.25 in drive bays and mesh as opposed to glass fronts. These newer parts, such as the 30 series Nvidia graphics cards and 6000 series Radeon cards are way hotter than older parts. The 12 gen Intel chipset is also hotter than older chipsets too. Parts are going to be getting hotter and require much better cooler as they get better as a general rule of thumb. Of course, there are outliers and exceptions to this rule. While 60c is hot, most parts now a days can run fine at around 90c. Most of the issues you'll see is thermal throttling, in which your PC will slow down because your PC is running hotter than what it can handle. Everyone's situation is different of course and where you keep your computer and the ambient temperature in your room with the computer will also affect your computers performance.

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    Almost all the manufacturers aim for quiet over cool. If your gpu is amd, the adrenaline software has easy to use custom fan curve if you want the fans to spin faster. For nvidia you can use msi afterburner. Faster fans means more noise but more cool. Your choice.
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