New build giving me watchdog timeouts during windows installation


Hello sorry for the long post, I'm kind of at my wits end with my new build. Everything is stock, no OCs that I have set myself.

Intel I9 12900k

H150i elite lcd AIO

Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gig ddr4

Strix nvidia GeForce 1080 (temporary)


Asus rog Thor 1200w psu

10 ql 120 corsair rgb fans

Corsair Commander core xt

Additional commander core included with cooler

Lian li lancool 3 case

SAMSUNG 980 SSD 1TB PCle 3.0x4, NVMe M.2 22

So I install everything, get windows installed and everything is great. Icue is managing all of my fans and rgb, and my Temps seemed fine.

After about a day I start getting a watchdog timeout bsod while playing a game. This happens about 2 more times until windows seems to become corrupted and I can't boot. While trying to re-install windows I keep getting the same watchdog bsod, and irql not equal bsods.

At this time i moved my computer to troubleshoot. Re seated the memory and everything installed again fine. Also ran memtest and got no errors.

Fast forward another day of no problems. At this point i move my computer back to where i wanted it and within 2 hours I'm getting the same issue again. This time re-seating the memory did not work. I cannot install windows or open command prompt in the recovery environment without a watchdog timeout or irql not equal error. I've also seen kernel security check failures and system service exceptions on some install attempts.

Things I've tried: New memory sticks

Trying different memory slots

Reseating cpu and checking for damage

Taking gpu out and running on board graphics

Updating bios

Setting bios to default settings

Swapped PSUs

Multiple windows installs from different USB sticks

Reinstalled cooler

Wiped SSD

At this point I'm convinced its a CPU or motherboard problem. If I can't figure out the issue in a few days I'm going to return to microcenter and exchange my mobo (have a replacement plan) and my CPU.

Two questions: Any ideas what's causing my issues here? And if it is a CPU problem, can I exchange my CPU for the same one without the little plastic casing it came in? (accidently threw it away). Thanks for the help


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