Good editing build for under $1000

Sup y’all I’ve wanted To build a PC for a few months and I really need help with a build, I have a budget of $1000, and I’ll use the computer for mainly editing but also for some gaming. I don’t have an exact build but it would be something like this:
For the processor and mobo I would either get the I7 11700k + z590 prime combo from micro center
Once it’s back in stock, or the 11700k and asus tuf gaming z590, or the r7 5700x and x570 pro combo also from micro center.
for the cooler I’d get an under $100 water cooler probably the cooler master daul fan one
for gpu I found a nice rtx 2060 oc 12gb for literally like $250 on Amazon
Case would be Lian li o11d mini
and psu 650 maybe 750 w of full modular and it’s literally on sale for like 70 bucks on Amazon
Then I’d prob take a Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb or 1tb 
and I think that’s it! Just wanted to ask you guys first


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