why my pc is doing this?


so i built my pc back in like jan. and it was ok its a 3080 with an i9-12900k with ddr5 clocked at 4800, right, but for some reason the past few months after i put on secure boot to play valorant, its taking multiple launches for the pc to boot, and even more recently, its getting to be more and more boots, i have a 1000 watt power supply or 1200 i dont really remember, but like right now it booted but no graphics card so i have to plug in my second moniter to my motherboard, any ideas on how to fix it. (fyi i turned off secure boot)


  • Ian


    When your PC does not boot, do any of the troubleshooting LEDs turn on directly on the board? What specific brand and model of motherboard do you have?

  • graysonheadley

    i unplugged my main moniter and my second moniter is plugged into the graphics card and working now, ill keep on turning on and off and update you if it wasnt just a bad cable, and just incase its a z690 wifi carbon from msi ddr5 model.

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