Upgrading a desktop from 2013


Hello everyone,

I currently own a PowerSpec desktop PC that I purchased from MicroCenter back in 2013. It has sustained me very well over the years and I've been able to game on it extensively all these years. As with all things, overtime it has slowed down a bit due to constant use. Here are the specs below:

PowerSpec B359

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz


Graphics Card: GeForce GT 630

I mostly ONLY play The Sims 2 on it and I am scared to get a desktop PC with Windows 10 because it may not be compatible. I've heard of Sims 2 gamers being able to successfully launch the game and adjust the compatibility and I've heard for some users it just doesn't work AT ALL. My current desktop has Windows 7 as the operating system (because I purchased it at the time when Windows 7 was IN). That is the last known OS to successfully run the game with NO issues. Is it possible for me to completely rebuild my current desktop with the Windows 7 OS still installed? I will need to update everything I believe. New motherboard, power supply and make sure all the parts are compatible together and with the tower.

I also know that Windows 7 Support has been discontinued for a long time now so I just need some advice and clarity on how I could proceed. My budget is about $1K+ and I'm willing to increase that to $2K if needed. Thanks for any help that can be provided.


  • Vaganza
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    It depends on what components you are looking to upgrade, but a new CPU will require a new motherboard and it can be very problematic finding Windows 7 drivers for the latest hardware. The budget you have there would get you pretty close to a nice custom built PC. If you are close to one of the stores the associates there certainly can work with you whether it is upgrade your existing or finding a new system for you.

  • magarity
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    A lot of people who play older games keep an older PC for that purpose. Is there some reason you would need to get rid of the current PC? Do you need to sell it to finance a new one? Or can you stick it somewhere and get it out when you want to play Sims?

  • Shamilton91

    Hello! My current desktop is beginning to slow down and lag when I play the game so I know it won't last forever and will only get slower as time goes on. That's why I'm trying to figure out a solution. :(

  • Tangent

    If you have not done so already then replacing the hard disk with an SSD would give your PC a new lease of life for less than $100.

  • magarity
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    So, computer parts such as the hard drive will eventually develop faults. But it's not like a battery where it just inherently starts being slower. You either have too much installed over the years or maybe the hard drive is failing. But the computer as in the CPU is just as fast as it was when it was new. So that's why I said people keep older computers around to play older games. We can help you get that computer running normally for it and you can keep for that game. You can also buy a new one for new games, etc.

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