Interesting story looking to share!

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A weird story got passed down to me and I am not actually sure what to do with this info so I figured I would share!

I had been talking to my father a lot more about computers recently and he clapped back with this gem. "Your grandfather used to be the president of Micro-Center"

Now his explanation was the cool part. From what he said, the original founders were under an NDA and unable to own or operate a business. (I am not all too sure what he means by this) Well allegedly the way they got around it was having my grandfather be the president. They had him hold ownership of the company until their NDAs expired. When they expired my grandpa pretty much handed the company back to them, all of this as a favor!

I wouldn't let that story hold much air until my dad gave me the 2nd ever issued paper certificate for shares of Micro Electronics, inc.

Issued to my grandpa, signed by the president in the bottom right. Also my grandpa.

Not sure what I can even do with this story besides share so enjoy!


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