wifi and ethernet broken simultaneously


Hey all. I've got a B745 with an Intel i7-10700 processor and running W10. I've also got an older PowerSpec (can't find the model info on the unit, running an AMD ). The other day, the etnernet connection went bye-bye. I figured I'd switch to wifi and search for answers, but it disappeared at the same time. The wifi error message is "Can't connect to the network," and the ethernet error message is "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration."

I took a number of steps, including upgrading the router (Verizon Fios). I've gone to an array of web sites that recommended an array of steps re updating the driver, clearing the DNS catche, etc., all to no avail. Here's the bizarre thing - it happened to BOTH PCs at the same time. What do they have in common? Aside from the same router, they both connect to the router via NetGear Powerline 1200 adapters. The logical assumption is the NetGear devices caused this, but then how to explain the wifi getting knocked out as well?

So the question or questions: has anyone ever heard of this issue before? Regardless, any ideas on how to resolve it?

Thanks much,



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