Get paid to sell Microcenter products



I was wondering if Microcenter offered a program similar to Amazon Affiliate links for their products?


  • w8deywins


    Thank you for reaching out! I am not 100% familiar about this(BYO Sales Associate), but I believe we do not offer an affiliate program on our products. I know we have collaborated with Influencers like Youtubers/content creators to help promote Micro Center and our products. Typically we reach out to Influencers/Creators with a specific collaboration in mind, but we are open to feedback and would love to hear your thoughts!

    Here is a previous post about influencers!

    Thanks again for reaching out! Best of luck!

  • Any updates here? I too was looking for an Affiliate program for Microcenter. I do quite a bit of consulting and purchasing on behalf of my clients - so it would make sense to have a BYO Sales Associate type of program...

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