Is this a "bad" new drive or am I doing something completely wrong?


Yesterday, I bought a new Seagate 4 GB barracuda drive (Invoice 141-PO-16235915) for installation in my home linux server. It is the first bigger than 2 GB drive I've worked with. I installed it in an external SATA enclosure. It shows that available space is only 1.64 TiB (according to gparted.) I have looked at this in every tool I have:

Partitioning tools says that this is 45% of capacity. Everything says it is initialized in GPT. Webmin, my linux management console (third image) is the only one that picks up the proper raw capacity, but that is using the drive's SMART information. I ran the Seatools, which passed short generic, but gave the following report:

The Max LBA is 45% what it should be. The not reported Native Max leads me to believe something is wrong with the drive. Is something wrong or am I missing something?



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