Looking for a 2x 32 GB Memory for an older ASUS ROG STRIX 470-F w/AMD 5900x.


I have an Asus ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING, and recently purchased an AMD Ryzen 5900x processor, with an old 1080TI (which I hope to someday upgrade). I currently have 4 sticks of 8 Gb Memory, but I'm looking to make the upgrade to 64 Gb. I would prefer to do 2 sticks of 32Gb if at all possible. I would prefer no RGB if at all possible, but if the price is right, open to other options. Just need a suggestion on a manufacturer to go with. Tried the PC part picker here, but it only really reflects newer purchases. Trying to find something to give me a pathway so that if I eventually upgrade to a newer PC, I can still get some use out of what I have currently as opposed to just having it collect dust somewhere. 

What Ram Company / Timing / Stick would you go with? I don't really overclock anything, so.. I was told I should look at 3200 or 3600 as the "sweet spot", just have no idea in which direction to go. Would like to get less than $300, but cheaper would be better. While I don’t get to do as much gaming, I’d still like to have that option available.. And then transition this computer to more of a workstation (hence the 64 Gb Memory)


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