I built my new PC, but cannot access my BIOS


I know the steps to follow to get to the BIOS but when I follow them I am met with a black screen that will only let me out of it by turning off my PC. How am I able to fix this issue?


  • w8deywins


    Thanks for reaching out, I understand how this can be frustrating. Next time you try to boot up your PC, look at the DEBUG codes/LEDs toward the top, right corner of your motherboard. This debug code will usually give you an idea of what's going wrong with your PC and why it can't boot(refer to this link: https://www.cgdirector.com/msi-ez-debug-leds-troubleshooting/) . It could be a variety of issues or one part could be defective. Some of the potential issues can be defective/DOA parts, unplugged cables, not fully seated RAM or failed Boot drive. A good place to start before turning it back on is to re-plug everything back in. POST it and look for the debug codes. If you're motherboard has a number code, write this down and the led color as well. Once you have determined the potential issue, try replacing that component and give it a go again after installing new product. If this doesn't solve it, could be corrupt files or something else. At this point, I recommend bringing it to your local Micro Center to have our Technicians run a diagnostic on it to further address your PC's issue.

    Hope this helps, best of luck! 🎮️

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