Building My 1st PC

Hello Guys!!!!

i need HELPPPP building my first pc. Im currently a college student but also love video games. I love playing Apex, GTA, Fortnite and other cool games. Can anyone help me choose the right parts to make my build come reality. My budget is around $1500. 

Thank you.!!!


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    I would recommend going into your local Micro Center and talk to one of the BYO associates there. We can help you get the best possible build for your budget with the available parts and you can have it all same day. Now is the best time to build, since a lot of the prices have come down and you have a good budget for a gaming system!

  • magarity
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    OK so the good news is that those games you listed can be played on less than the most expensive graphics cards. You should look at something in the RX 6700 XT on AMD side or 3060Ti or 3070 from nVidia. There is no need to break the bank on a top card.

    When you say first PC, does that mean you need everything including all the parts like monitor and keyboard and mouse?

    If you're in college, do you have a tiny dorm desk to put it on so you need a smaller setup or got plenty of room?

  • JOP3
    if i get a less graphic card can i still run the FIVEm server ? I already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have my own room . So i have plenty of space. Can you help me build or suggest some parts? 
  • magarity
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    Yes, you can run a FIVEm server no problem.

    Here is an example AMD system that would rock your face for just under 1500:

    You can save 200 if you swap the 6700XT graphics card for a 6600

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