Asus ROG R7 RTX 3060 Prebuilt swap into Be - Micro Center Build

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imageAsus ROG R7 RTX 3060 Prebuilt swap into Be - Micro Center Build

Bought the Asus ROG R7 RTX 3060 Prebuilt from Walmart for a good price and swapped the Mobo/GPU/CPU into a Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX in order to improve thermals/airflow. Originally planned to replace Mobo and transfer most of this into a mini-itx case

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  • Hermiie
    Hey sorry for late reply but I’m in need of help and I found ur post. I have a prebuilt g10dk which has the same rog case as shown in your pic. I also swapped to the same be quiet case but I’m struggling with getting the USB 3.0 in the front to work, idk what cable that’s supposed to connect to Im asssuming that should work with the sata cable. I am also wondering if you got the Bluetooth too carry over. Hope you see this reply thank you
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