Can someone check my build for incompatibilities?


I'm trying to build my first PC, but I'm having troubles finding a way to fully check my build for incompatibilities. Could someone let me know whether there are any? Here's my build so far:


  • ChaosDTV

    normally i used the website PC part picker and itll automatically tell you if the build is incompatible or not just plug in info and youre good

  • magarity
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    Microcenter's own configurator that you've used already does compatibility checks.

    You need to do 'save build' then paste the link from the little box below the save button. What you've pasted above was probably from the browser address which just goes to the starting blank builder.

  • Ian

    To share the build, please copy the link from the Share section on the right side of the page:

  • Shoan041
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    Part pickers are great for getting an idea and for checking most compatibilities. I would recommend taking your list to a BYO sales associate at your local store instead of reserving it. Sometimes there are deals or slight enhancements you can do to make your build better for not much more. We tend to keep up with a lot of information the system can never replicate fully.

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