need help if upgrading is worth it or buying a new pc


hello need help with this, i don't play games that often but i do want to run some couple of games more smoother like apex legends, minecraft with ray tracing idk i barely play 4 games in total, but i do draw with my PC very often and sometimes it's slow, this is what i have built on my pc right now (if yall need more details let me know):

  • CPU AMD FX-6300
  • MotherBoard ASUSTeK computer INC model M5A78L-M LX PLUS
  • GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM 8GB
  • POWER SUPPLY: 750 watts 3V3A
  • hard drive 250 GB kingston
  • and 2 fans which are in the picture (another fan is there but it's below the power supply which)

i have a link about the upgrade im thinking about but it won't allow me to post due to being new


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    So alas. this PC is getting rather old by now. There are really only two things that are modest cost that should help it somewhat:

    1) There appears to be only one memory module. That CPU is happiest with two. So you should get a boost from installing a second one of the same speed and capacity (8GB, not sure what speed).

    2) You say there is a 250GB hard drive, so if that's really the case then an SSD would be a lot faster.

    For both of the above, go to and use the system scanner. It will tell you what you already have and suggest what to get that is compatible. Microcenter carries Crucial memory and SSDs both, so you can go to the store. Just tell someone in the BYOPC department what the Crucial scanner recommended and they can set you up with either the exact or equivalent.

    When buying an SSD, get a brand that includes a free download of Acronis software so you can clone the hard drive and not lose your data or have to reinstall Windows. Crucial, Samsung, and Western Digital do. TeamGroup and MC's house brand Inland, do NOT come with cloning software.

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