Will this void my warranty?


I bought an Asus pre-built the other day, and I was warned that the case isn't the best for cooling. If I buy a new case and transfer all the components over, will that void my 2 year internals warranty?


  • Ian

    Greetings. It won't void the warranty, however, any warranty would not cover any parts you change yourself. It covers the original parts / configuration of the PC itself.

  • Rye_Bread
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    Doing a rebuild and would void your warranty through Micro Center as the computer would no longer be configured as it was originally sold. In addition, a task like that could potentially lead to accidental damage, which is not covered under a Date of Purchase Protection Plan. It would also void your manufacturer's warranty through ASUS.

    That being said, if you were to add fans to your case or make any reasonable upgrades within it's current configuration it wouldn't void your warranty through Micro Center, however those new parts would not be covered in the event you need to use the Protection Plan.

    As per the terms and conditions, the Micro Center warranty covers the unit as it was configured out of the box + any upgrades installed at the time of purchase. For example, if you purchased additional RAM and had Micro Center install it, it would be covered as well. If you purchased RAM and installed it yourself, it would not be covered.

    I will say this in regards to the ASUS cases, they're not horrible at all. I think they definitely could benefit from a better intake system, but they function perfectly well.

    Hope this helps!

    From the Date of Purchase Protection Plan terms & conditions:

    "WHAT IS COVERED. Administrator will furnish labor, parts, and/or replacement equipment (or pay for same) necessary to repair operational or mechanical breakdowns of the Product specified in this Service Contract, provided such service is necessitated by Product failure during normal usage. The Product specified and covered includes only equipment as originally configured and charged for in this Service Contract. Coverage also applies to the parts and accessories that are necessary to the Covered Product’s functionality, but does not apply to accessories that are used in conjunction with or to enhance the performance of the Covered Product."

    "HARDWARE UPGRADE COVERAGE. This Service Contract will cover any internal hardware components, including memory and hard disk drive products purchased through a Dealer/Retailer and installed into equipment at the time of purchase. This Service Contract does not cover installation of hardware upgrades installed after the time of purchase."

    From ASUS's warranty policy:

    6. Exclusions from this limited Warranty Service

    ASUS does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this Product. The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the warranty period and in normal use conditions. It does not apply to software issues or customer induced damages or circumstances such as but not limited to:

    (a) The Product has been tampered with, repaired and/or modified by nonauthorized personnel;

    (b) The serial number of the Product, components or accessories has been altered, cancelled or removed;

    (c) The warranty seals have been broken or altered; 

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