Laptop fan question


Intel, i7, 16gigs of Ram. Should the fan be running all the time with nothing running in the background and computer idle on home screen or any other screen? Only thing I installed is Bitdefender Total Security. Fan never shuts off. It is not on my lap, I have it on a flat surface on my lap with the screen tilted and a slight space underneath. I even elevated it more, without blocking any vents to increase the space underneath and the fan still runs all the time. Doesn't make sense to me, unless it is an intel thing. Windows 11.


  • Ian

    Greetings. What brand/model of laptop do you have?

  • Julia_V

    Normally, the fan shouldn't be running 24/7. That's weird, has the laptop always been this way since you got it?

  • Consumer
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    edited September 2022

    It is a Lenovo Yoga. 7i, yes, since I got it. I bought it at Best Buy. First one had light bleed, Geek Squad said if it was a new one not to accept any light bleed. Exchanged it and then the second one, the fan stayed on all the time. Lenovo also responded, saying that it should not be on all the time. Exchanged the second one and now this one does not have the fan running all the time, but this one has more light bleed than the first one so it is going back. Not sure what I will get now, maybe give Apple a shot.

    I went into apps on the second one and shut off apps running in the background except my internet security and the clock, and I did the same on this one and I also updated the Bios on both but the last one, the fan still stayed on all the time

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