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Hey, I'm looking to build a desktop and have done little to no research. I'm in computer science so I have some basic computer knowledge but I mainly know software and don't spend time thinking about hardware. Anyway, does this build seem fine? I want to make sure there aren't any compatibility issues with what I chose. I can't post links as I just made an account, but I saved the build as a pdf here.


  • I've also spent a bit of time looking on the site and there are many prebuilts listed on the site that are around the level and price, so would I be better off just getting a prebuilt instead?

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    That cooler is a bit wimpy for an i7. Consider a Cooler Master 212. Proper cooling is important or else the CPU will slow itself down artificially and rob you of performance.

    As for build your own or a prebuilt, only you can answer that. Keep in mind there are two kinds: proprietary and standardized. The big brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc, use custom parts that often cannot be reused in future systems nor replaced with anything other than their own original model. This can be a massive pain in the behind if there is ever a problem with it. House and boutique brands use standard parts. "PowerSpec" is Microcenter's own house brand and all the parts are "off the shelf" compatible. They carry several other brands from other vendors as well. If you're interested in a prebuilt, go in to the store and ask the sales staff about a prebuilt that is definitely made with standard parts.

    MC's techs can also assemble the parts from your BYOPC list above for a reasonable fee.

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    Yes we do offer a build service in-store if you'd like to go that route starting at $149.99. More information may be found at 

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