1 out of 3 monitors will not work with my universal 3 monitor mount.


So my problem is this. I bought an adjustable 3-monitor arm that I could use to move all of my monitors around quickly.

I love the arm set I bought, and it worked perfectly for 2 of my monitors.

I found that the two monitors had a place in the back to attach each monitor to the arms.

The 3rd monitor, though, is the same overall size. The third monitor is a Dell. That's the only difference I can notice off hand. But the back of that Dell monitor is convex, so the back side of it curves outward a little bit, whereas the other two monitors are much flatter in the back. And those first two monitors, of course, had the indentions and the screw holes to allow me to connect them correctly, but this last monitor with the curved back side does not have those connection points, and They're all relatively new; they are all about the same size at 24 inches

It's just that this one with the curved back I can't get to fit. And it's driving me a bit crazy.

I have attached a picture of the monitor mount that I purchased. After that, I have photos of the back of the monitor that I am having issues with, and you can see how I cannot connect this monitor in the same way. The monitors are all approx 24" and relatively new.

I can't figure out (or find) any adapter or if there's a way for me to finagle it so I can connect to this third monitor. I cannot figure it out, or do I need to buy an all-new monitor? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The monitors I had no issues connecting were VE247 and an AsuSVP278

The model of the monitor that I am having trouble with is a DELL SE2417HG


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