Warranty and the newly announced 4090


So I didnt know the 4090 was coming and I made a build with a 3090ti. I got the 2 year warranty. My question is to cash in on the warranty does my GPU HAVE To be broken? Or can I pull a good ole buyers remorse card as long as I have the warranty and let them know "Hey nothing is wrong I just want a 4090"



    Hi Parzival,

    Warranty doesnt cover buyers remorse, nor does it cover physical damage or physically damaging the board or slot components of your existing card. It covers failure of the card. That being said if for some reason your card did fail without being intentionally damaged your item would be replaced with an equal type of card which is not the 4090. You would probably get another 3090ti. THE 4090 is a higher performing card than the 3090ti

  • Julia_V

    You won't be able to go into the store and tell them "nothing is wrong, I just want a 4090" because I know for a fact they would not take it back.

    However, if your card does fail, they will be able to take it back and cover it. They will sometimes pop it up on a test bench, though. And if the tests fail, then they will be able to give you a gift card for what you paid for.

    So, if your card does fail, what you will get is a gift card for what you paid for (granted at that time, they won't make the 3090ti anymore, in like a year or two).

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