Poor audio quality through 3.5mm jack?


I recently purchased a HyperX QuadCast S usb microphone as an upgrade from my old Bluetooth headset mic. For those unfamiliar, this mic has a built-in audio jack for your headphones that provides mic monitoring. I noticed in doing so my audio quality dropped dramatically compared to using my usb headset. All highs and lows seem to be non-existent. Bass is flat and it sounds like I'm hearing things through phone speakers. Assuming it was the mic I used my PC's audio jack and got the same results. I've considered alternatives but at the end of the day I want to find out what's causing this. I've spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, trying different headphones, different cables, different usb ports, disabling all enhancements, and anything I could find on any forums, all to no avail. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I would be willing to try them.


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