How can I get a response to my "price protection" approval from 09-07-22 that has not occurred yet?


08-27-2022 - I purchased an LG C1 83" OLED TV for $3,999.99 ($4,315.99 after tax). I signed up for the Micro Center/Wells Fargo credit card ("MC/WF card"); the purchase was financed $3,099.99 on the MC/WF card, and the remaining $1,216.00 on a Chase Visa.

09-07-2022 - I checked the Micro Center website and the price had dropped by $400 (10%!). I contact Micro Center via online chat and speak with a Wahli B. and later a Kris. The price protection is approved and an email sent to the local Tustin MC. Approximate time is 3-5 business days.

09-16-2022 - It has been 7 business days; I reply to Kris' email to let them know that the adjustment has not happened. Neither the MC/WF card or the Chase Visa show the $400 adjustment.

09-18-2022 - I receive 2 email responses from Nate H.; the first says that he has not heard back from the store and he will send a message to the management team, the second is a repeat email of Kris' 09-07-2022 price protection approval email. "Give them 24-48 hours to respond".

09-20-2022 - It has been 9 business days, and 2 since Nate H.'s email. I send a follow up email.

09-25-2022 - It has been 12 business days. I send a follow up email.

09-26-2022 - It has been 13 business days. I send a follow up email.

09-27-2022 - It has been 14 business days. I send a morning follow up email, and an afternoon follow up email.

09-28-2022 - It has been 15 business days. I switch to my work email and send a morning follow up email, and an afternoon follow up email.

09-29-2022 - It has been 16 business days. From my work email, I again send a morning follow up email. Now I register for this forum to make this thread based on this verbiage on the price protection page "Alternatively, you can also open a discussion thread with us by posting on our Micro Center Community for assistance." I have not had a response to any of my emails in 11 days.

What do I need to do to get someone to respond to me, provide a definitive date for the price adjustment, and provide some kind of confirmation that it has been initiated?


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