How do I add a SATA HDD to the boot sequence of a G439 computer.

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I just installed a bootable SATA HDD in my new G429. The drive is working and detected by the BIOS, but I have been able to find a way to add it to the boot sequence. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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  • TheViking

    Thanks to both for your answers. Yes, this is a legacy boot from an older, Windows 7 Pro system. It includes some software that won't run at all in Windows 10 so I was hoping to be able to boot from it for those rare occasions when I need to run the old software. Changing the BIOS to CSM mode made it possible to attempt booting from this drive. It even attempts to start Windows 7, but the startup fails part way through. I suspect there is something in the new hardware that is incompatible with the old Windows 7 software that is causing the problem. Letting Windows attempt to fix driver errors has no effect. It was worth a try but not the end of the world. Thanks again.

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    There hasn't been official support for Windows 7 since I think the Z170 on the Intel side. There's a few projects in Win-Raid and you can get it working, but it's a hassle. Generally no I/O except for PS/2 until you can install a driver manually. You can try to go that route, see if it'll boot into safe mode.

    Another suggestion if you're looking to play with it. Virtualbox with raw disk access. Basically a virtual machine, mounting the old disk. Information here:

  • TheViking

    Thanks @TSMikeW. I'm aware that there has been no Windows 7 support for a long time. When I first upgraded my previous computer to Windows 10, I first cloned the Win7 disk to the HDD that is now installed in the G439 because it included some special purpose video creation software that wouldn't run in Windows 10. So, on those occasions when I needed to run that software, I would reboot, create the video file I needed, and then include it in the editing software I use in Win10. I can still create the same content in my Win10 software - it's just more difficult and time consuming. Being able to boot into Win7 would have been a convenience, but not a necessity so for now I do not plan to pursue it further.

    By the way, I did try booting in safe made but it would fail before getting there.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

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