Joseph Gethieya Gassanja


Dear Fellow 3D Printing fans. I am a craftsman in Subtractive Technology......CNC Routing in business. For those of you who know woodworking, knows how wasteful it is. I have done woodwork since my High school days and I love it but the waste it creates and what that does to the environment made explore 3D Technology or Additive technology as some people call it. I am new to 3D printing and needs all the help I can get. I have CLAY 3D Printer........Chinese made, Tronxy Moore 2 Pro. I have followed all the instructions in the manual but still I can't get this bad boy working. I did download the slicing software CURA and did the configuring right I suppose because the sample 3D GCODE designs that came with the printer printed very well considering it was my first time doing so. But Iam not successful with any designs that I have created on FUSION 360. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME. I home school my children and I want to introduce them to this technology. Thanks


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    I too grew up using a lathe and so forth, my Dad was a high school shop teacher, so I learned it all there, 3D printing is not something I have delved into yet, I have the case of too many hobbies and interests and need more than 24 hours in a day.

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