Are there lines yet for the 4090?

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I was wondering if anyone has spotted a line forming for the 4090 yet? Also, it's confirmed that the 4090 will be in store physically at launch at microcenter. Anyone knows of any other stores that will have them in physically? I know that the chances of getting a pre-order on the internet are slim and that the bots will buy the up the very second the become available. So the only chance of me getting one is camping out of a store physically.

I know for the 3090 best buy did not have them in store physically at launch. Anyone knows if that's the case for the 4090?

Well it looks like the pre-orders at Best Buy are already gone.


  • i HIGHLY doubt that many people will be forming lines outside for this generation of cards.

    1. Because the stock is going to be MUCH higher than the 30 series cards.
    2. Mining is dead, people are not buying many cards anymore ( in bulk)
    3. The price of the cards $1,600+ and not many average people will need a 4090.

    So im planning on showing up at 9 am on Wednesday to get one, best thing to do is check Microcenters website on Wednesday morning and see what stock is like, don't be picky about what card to get.

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    Mining was also pretty dead when the 3000 series came out. I thought that every generation of new cards, there's an uptick in mining due to the increase in computation power that that can be accessed, for a few short months.

    That's what they said about the 3090, little to no demand for $1500 GPU, yet still there were long lines and people waiting for days for that card. With the way inflation has gone over the past two years sense the launch of the 3000 series, I wouldn't at all be surprised if $1500 in 2020 is just under $1600 in 2022 due to inflation.

    Without a doubt, if we find out Tuesday morning when the store open, that's when I'm expecting, they will know the exact count of cards that they will have for Wednesday morning (at least that's how it worked for 3090), if they say they are getting 100 cards, then I'll go home, if it's a small amount, like I'm expecting then I will stay.

    For the 3090 launch, my microcenter only had 10 cards. I'm expecting about the same, maybe a little more due to alleged increased production, but I don't think I would say double. Even if it is, I don't think everyone who wants one will get one. I've also seen nothing official with regards to production numbers.

    The fact that Best Buy hasn't already had pre-orders, or already had them and had very few and they are already gone, is very concerning to me, that there won't be a lot of cards at launch. By this point for the 3090, the pre-orders were already up and gone the second they came out.

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