Extruder / Hotend clogged up


Hi there so I have a Creality CR-10 Smart 3D printer and I recently swapped the nozzles to the hardened steel ones so today when I went to check on the print I was doing I come down to see that the nozzle of the printer had come off and the Hotend / Extruder had been gunked up with PLA I did buy the printer at micro center and did pay for a warranty but I was wondering if it would just be better for me to buy a new extruder like the direct drive one for it but when I look at this one which Creality sells it says it supports the CR-10 Smart Pro not the normal CR-10 Smart the direct drive extruder is the Creality Sprite Extruder Pro 300 degrees C that costs $90

So should I call up the Micro Center I bought it at or should I just buy the new extruder


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    Our 3D Printer extension plan starts at the end of your warranty, so if your printer is still under manufacturer warranty, you should contact them first for a claim. If you would like to try to figure it out yourself it would be a good idea to work on it yourself and get used to the parts and changing them. It'll help you to learn how it all functions, so when it hangs up you can probably fix it pretty easily. Sometimes the prints do get hung up and can get clogged. I would try to clear the blockage and then retry your print. Sometimes environment can effect your print also. They can take some time to calibrate, especially with new parts or might need to get broken in. If after a few tries its still being blocked, try looking online 3d printer specific forums. With how popular the Creality printers are, there is a good chance someone has had and fixed that issue. Good Luck!

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