Is it safe to upgrade my cpu, with the Powerspec G500?


Hey gang,

I have had my computer for a solid 4 years now, and am thinking about either getting a new one, or upgrading the cpu on my G500. The only modification i made to the computer was switchign the GPU out for a 2060 Super, which worked marvelously. Part of me would like to just go for the low hanging fruit, and replace the processor instead of buying a whole new rig.

The problem is this: Given the Motherboard and the BIOS, it's a bit unclear which cpus might be eligible. As far as I know the motherboard is an Asus B-350, and the BIOS just says "American Megatrends Inc" with the version as "9002 - AMD AGESA SummitPI-AM4". I have heard that getting a new cpu, even if it is compatible with the motherboard, can have issues that require a BIOS update, which i am a bit hesitant to do.

My Question: is there a AMD cpu that would be an upgrade (the G500 comes with the Ryzen 5 1600) that I could get that would run on my current BIOS/Motherboard? If the answer is no and I would need to wade into the dicey territory of updating the BIOS I might be more inclined to just get a new computer in full, as bricking my current desktop would be a real pain. However, if I am in the clear for a modest CPU upgrade without doing anything other than opening my case up and installing it, that would be great news.

Thanks in advance!


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