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So i payed for some parts at a microcenter with my card but i currently dont have the physical card just pictures of it and on my bank app will they accept that when i go in the store or do i actually have to use the card in the store? i was thinking they just authorized the rest of the purchase and thats it


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    Just to clarify, you have enrolled for MicroCenter credit correct? If so, they will allow you to buy parts with it with a valid ID and the Wells Fargo approval email that you should have gotten. The physical card itself took some time to come in the mail. Unfortunately, I had to return a part and these guys wasted no time in refunding my credit balance with what I had and I told them I don't have the physical card yet nor my account#. The reservation authorizations need to be done on a bank card of your choice but you cannot use their in house MC card to make reservations.

    If your asking about some other bank card, and you have proof of it, then I would think you'd be fine.

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    Hi, Chuggy!

    When it comes to Web Orders and Reservations, the store just puts a hold on the card to reserve the item. You pay for the item when you get into the store using the same card or another payment method if need be. You would need to bring a Photo ID as well as the physical card, pictures of the card won't work. That being said, Micro Center does accept electronic payments, so if you have the card saved to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you could absolutely use that.

    As the person above stated, if you happen to be using the Micro Center Insider Card, we can pull up a digital card for you on our end. Please make sure you have a Photo ID so we can verify your identity, no matter which payment you use :)

    Hope this helps!

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