New to PC building - looking for feedback on this build

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I'm new to the PC building and looking for feedback on this build I put together. Play mainly FPS (COD, warzone) and wanting to play 4k. Anything I've done wrong here or anything else you would suggest?


  • magarity
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    Have you checked out a 7000D in person? They're kind of enormous. Unless you have a specific need, I strongly suggest the 5000D as a nicely "big" case without going overboard. I have a 5000D with a full custom water loop and there's plenty of room in it. Especially since you've picked out a 240mm AIO cooler. Trust me, it will look comically small in a 7000D. Go with the 5000D.

  • Vaganza
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    Yeah the 7000D case is pretty huge specially with a 240mm radiator setup. the 5000D is a nice case in my opinion and go ahead and step up to the 360 mm radiator, what are you planning for SSD?

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