Biqu B13d printer -1mm Y axis shift per layer


Hi there,

I just got the Biqu B1 3d printer from my micro-center and Its shifting the Y axis by -1mm per layer, It printed a few flat pieces ok when I tried it out at first, Now with each consecutive layer, the Y axis moves by -1mm. The only adjustments i've made is in the steps for the x AND y axis and not much was even needed.

I have since reset the printer to the factory defaults and tried again and its still going. I have adjusted the belt tension and I have made sure that the motor was secure on both the y and x axis.

the picture is supposed to be a Hinge.

Is this a mainboard issue? Or is it something i've done?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've never had this issue before with other 3d printers so i'm open to suggestions.

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