The replacement plan, curious what does it ACTUALLY cover?


So i purchased the replacement plan for my 6900xt on 4/20/2021 i was told it would cover everything from coil whine, driver issues all the way to if i spilled a drink on my GPU. My GPU has developed coil whine that kinda comes and goes, it is annoying but not the biggest issue. I contacted MC to see if i could get a replacement due to the issue, i was told that the coil whine is not covered. Kind of upset me because i was lied to, now my GPU is having driver issues (driver timeout bug) I am constantly losing signal from GPU making it really hard to do my job because of this problem. Does the replacement plan ACTUALLY cover driver issues or was i lied to about that as well? I tried to contact via chat just to be told to take it into a store and they will let me know if driver issues are covered, not super convenient for me because it is 3 hours round trip for me to drive to my microcenter store just to find out i was lied to about that as well. SUPER disappointed after perusing the internet trying to see if driver issues are covered (can't seem to find any definitive source saying yes or no) but seeing how many people have been told the exact same thing as me just to find out a lot of what we are told isn't covered. I get they have to be somewhat strict so people don't abuse the plan but come on dont lie to us about what it covers.


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