Make-A-Wish at Micro Center Houston!

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Recently the Houston Micro Center location had the privilege to welcome an exceptional individual named Nolan. In partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, we were grateful for having the opportunity to make one of Nolan’s wishes come true: to build his dream computer.  

Nolan arrived in style, riding in a stretch limo with his grandmother Yvett and sister Kaelyn in tow.  They were enthusiastically greeted by staff members and the management team before being shown to the General Manager’s office so that Nolan and his family will be comfortable as we begin the process of building his own computer.  

Collin Mendoza, his personal shopper, carefully walked him through the vital steps and components needed to build his PC. Collin was keen to go through the parts one by one, explaining how the mechanisms work and how to maximize the efficiency of each so he could play his favorite games like Warzone and Fortnite. Nolan, curious and wide-eyed, quietly listened but you can see the excitement in his eyes. We then walked him around the store to show him the variety of options he can choose for his customized build.  While Nolan and his family took a break, Collin began to gather the parts he needed. Shortly after, Nolan and his family returned and we walked them through the store to show him the parts for his computer.  

Once they were checked out, Collin promptly went to work on building Nolan’s new PC. While we didn't get to see his reaction, as Nolan had to leave before it was finished, we have no doubt that Nolan was delighted when the folks at Make-A-Wish delivered his fully personalized gaming PC.

Building a customized PC may be an everyday occurrence at Micro Center, but this build proved to be one for the books. While we gave away a gaming PC, Nolan gave the staff at Micro Center the gift of gratitude and gratefulness, and the wonderful chance to make a difference in someone’s life.  This day will not be one soon forgotten, and we wish Nolan many wins on his new rig!

For our curious tech fans out there, here is a list of all the build parts Nolan chose for their new PC!

Nolan's Build:

Computer Parts


Check out the full build list over here:


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