Air Cooler for Ryzen 7 7700x


Hi all,

I am considering upgrading to the Ryzen 7 7700x for a new build and I'm wondering what size air cooler would be adequate. I'm mainly split between bequiet's Shadow Rock 3 and Dark Rock Pro 4. Is the latter excessive? Could I get away with an even smaller cooler like the slim model?

Thanks! 😀


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    All I can find is that the default tdp is 105W but not what the boost tdp might be. My 5950x has the same base power but up to i think 165w when using boost speed. so probably the 7700x is close to that? I would recommend you get a cooler that is rated to around 200w just to be safe. the two you list above are good for that. you'd have to check the manufacturer's specs for any slim model and honestly i'd be skeptical if they listed this cpu as compatible with any slim model.

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    I've tested the Dark Rock Pro 4 on high end threadrippers and it stands up well. It's a 250W TDP cooler on a 105W TDP Processor. You'll have a lot of room for the CPU to boost. In my opinion, you'd have to go 360MM AIO to beat it at a minimum. Maybe a 280MM would be pretty close.

  • Yingdong
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    any dual tower air cooler should handle it alright, the shadow rock 3 you mentioned might be a little risky but dark rock pro should be fine. For me personally I really like Thermalright's air cooler, they are relatively cheap but pretty good in build quality. I recommend their Peerless Assassin 120 or Frost Spirit/commander 140. For liquid coolers I generally don't like them as I seen plenty people had their coolers leaked and fried up their systems on other forums.

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