Computer won't boot unless I flip PSU on and off


Retyping to here as I asked a question but have no idea if it saved or was sent. I am not tech savvy so please bear with me and let me know what other information to include.

I know there was a post about the same problem 2 years ago but I was not sure how to message the user or asking a question in the forum post. Hopefully it is allowed to be post in general.

I do not have any spare PC parts to individually troubleshoot each piece of hardware.

Specs and parts

Windows 11

Asus Dark Hero part number number Dark Hero, was not the first 2 batches with numbered part numbers. Bios has not been changed except turned on secure boot and TPM and overclocked ram

AMD ryzen 5800x3d temps are fine idle at 37 Celsius voltage at .961 bolts

evga 3080ti

Samsung pro 850 2 TB

Trident z Neo 32 gigs cl16 3600 (2 sticks)

Lian Li Galahad AIO

Corsair RM850x PSU

Cablemods pro mesh extensions. Kit plus 1 8 pin PCIE

9 lian li sl 120 infinity fans.

Ram is socketed in 2-4 overclocked to 3600, 1-3 boots fine at default of 2100, but when I tried to overclock to 3600 would not post

1-3 had 1.35 volts before overclock and would not post and 2-4 had 1.35 after overlock and works. Used DOC (forgot the name) Standard in EZ overclock in bios to 3600

Motherboard code when PC boots and is running is always 9E

Everything was fine for a week, until 3 days ago when I tried clicking the power button on PC case and it would not boot.

Start button on motherboard was lit up so I assumed there was power to the system. Freaked out when it happened and tried flipping PSU on and off and it worked.

Thing is since it happened, I have booted 2-3 times successfully then all of a sudden had to swich PSU on and off to boot.

I have until November 5th, 2022 to replace at Canada computers 30 day warranty, I am just unsure how to always have the boot error happen on demand as it sometimes will boot up as that is the only way the would replace it.

When it is on and boots

everything is running fine.

Will try putting computer to sleep and see if it is indeed the powersupply as a friend suggested after waking it up.

The solution in the previous post was replacing the motherboard, but not sure if it was the same board or different model. But the same board is all I have warranty on.

If I do replace motherboard and it is the solution I would need to buy more thermal paste.

Thank you for your time and help.


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