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okay, my research (tech mags/YouTube reviews/MC staff) all convinced me 12th gen i-7's are generational!! So my current shopping list begins with "12700 mandatory" (along with other 'minimum requirements). Recently learn 12700 includes Igpu (vs 12700F which will have Dgpu) subsequently by-passing the Igpu completely! So if definitely going to pick desktop WITH moderate-level Dgpu (1660S/2060S/3060) my logic- based Vulcan brain does not provide WHY choose 12700 and have 'useless' stick-on Igpu AND installed Dgpu? ...vs just simply picking a 12700F build with sole Dgpu?? Since this new knowledge and acceptance of ONLY desktop with 12700F now, this obviously shrunk my 'shopping list' choices. PLEASE feel free to comment/correct/agree/ BF+CM are quickly arriving and I wanna more specified list by then. Thanks


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    I can only assume the 12700F has low enough demand that they aren't even stocked in a lot of places.

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    It's just a thing to include basic graphics in the CPU. AMD's just recent 5000 series was the exception not the rule, especially Intel always wants to include graphics. You have to go out of your way to get one without, so honestly unless you have a real need somehow, just get the regular CPU with graphics. Besides it is a huge help when there is a problem with a graphics card to have CPU graphics.

  • So, to be clear...there is NO (technological/operational) DISadvantage to having a cpu WITH an Igpu attached when seperate Dgpu is also installed?

    By same token, there is NO ADvantage either? (other than possibility if Dgpu 'fails'...which will then 'transfer' graphics load to the attached Igpu??

    bottom line: NO reason to exclude pre-built configurations using BOTH Igpu (i7-12700) PLUS a Dgpu in preference to i7-12700F plus Dgpu set-up??

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