Driver trouble with ASUS AC58BT wifi card


I obtained the AC58BT wifi card and followed the installation process but after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls it was being recognized not as the marketed product but as a Network GBE Family controller. Every tutorial, walk-through video, and ASUS support page had the card recognized as Intel(R) Wi-fi 6 AX200 1600MHz #3 in the Network Adapters menu [Device Manager] > [Network adapters]. I might just have no idea what I'm doing but I figured instead of just getting the correct drivers on my own I'd mention the driver was wrong in the box. Please clarify if the driver's disc is wrong or me.


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    I'd expect it to show as an Intel AX200. The ASUS PCIe card is just a PCIe card. The Intel AX200 is the actual module. The GBE Family Controller is a wired ethernet controller. It sounds it's not seeing the card at all. Did you connect the USB cable for Bluetooth and is that being detected?

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