can not access bios w/ pro z690-a ddr mobo + 13600k cpu

edited November 2022 in General Discussion

I am trying to boot from usb and attempting to access the bios settings results in a black screen. I have tried accessing the bios via holding shift + restart, from advanced start up and by hitting delete during boot and all 3 result in a black screen rather than the bios. MSI center can not change LED settings for the case fans either so it seems there's something awry with the bios. Is this something I'm going to have to take the whole thing in for service or is there something I can do to fix this or get around it?

EDIT: more good news: an hour later the pc bsoded and failed windows' built in memory test. So not only is there a problem with the motherboard but the memory too. In any case, it's getting taken in I guess


  • Ian

    Greetings. It sounds like you may have found out there are more issues with your PC and brought it in, but for future reference you can always try to pull the CMOS battery out of the motherboard for about ~10 mins so it resets, then re-insert it and see if you are able to access BIOS after you do that.

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