How do I 'initialize' my brand-new desktop?


(Keep in mind, I'm techno-inept AND dumping my current 13 year old desktop (inundated with annoying delays/drags/gramlins/"restore"/'zip'-gone!) AND can no longer access 95% of task bar icons (even right-clicking, etc). So NO access to ANYthing contained within "Start" menu or "Task Manager" (which explains why replacing it!). So my barely double-digit techno IQ says I do NOT conduct a 'direct-transfer from old to new desktop; since leaving W10 (updated dozens of times from original W7 install) and start anew with W11....(just create new account?).....then after writing down all the username and passwords for all the accounts/sites/etc I want to keep/transfer, simply sign-in on new pc? .... Obviously need guidance, spoken in 3rd grade verbage.


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