No Signal to Monitors- even with new replacement parts

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Hi there- been having this issue for a few weeks now. Basically, whenever I had to shut down and power back up, my monitors would not detect any signal. I would restart my computer a few times and then the issue would go away. The monitors were connected to the GPU, via DisplayPort.

However, yesterday, the issue persisted; I did some troubleshooting (checked cables and monitor, even on a different laptop) and no luck. So, I went and bought some new parts yesterday, and still the issue is happening.

Any tips/help? Everything seems to be powering on. Just no signal detected on the monitor/s.

My old build: i7-6600k, Asus 1080 TUF, Asus Sabtertooth TUF motherboard, Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133, WD SSD (has OS), WD SSD and Corsair PSU

New build*: AMD Rysen 7 5800x, AMD Radeon 6700xt, Asus TUF B450 Plus II.

*I kept the RAM, Storage, and PSU from my old build- all technically compatible, according to guides.


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