PC build for photo editing


Good morning,

This is my first PC build. I am a photographer and would like to build a terrific PC for photo editing. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!


  • Vaganza
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    Fast storage and plenty of fast RAM. Adobe uses the storage as scratch space heavily and that is still where your speed bottleneck is. Micro Center's Inland brand nVME are really very good SSDs and I build with them all the time with fewer issues than some of the other name brands, really. The Performance line is great, the Samsung Pros are a little faster though. Nice thing about the inland is the warranty is handled right in store.

  • CapturedE

    Very good info, thank you.

  • magarity
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    Well, to start with what's your budget and do you want to a custom build your own (or have MC techs build it for you) from parts or do you want a PC that's off the shelf, ready to go?

  • Yingdong

    Also if you are doing 6k/8k editing, ram capacity is also quite important, you would want at least 32gb(64gb better) of ram. For CPU, octa core r7/i7 should be enough.

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