why is everything "IN STORE ONLY"?


I drove 8 hours to the nearest Microcenter to return a 3090 (that broke after only 3 months) and instead of a refund i get store credit. now im stuck with $1800 of useless store credit because nothing is available for purchase on the website...


  • Ian

    Greetings, unforunately our Community forums don't have a say on what can and what cannot be shipped as only a couple of our store locations process ship-out orders so that is why some items would be listed as in-store only. 

    To view shippable items, at the top of our https://www.microcenter.com/ website, if you select "Shippable Items" next to the store icon at the top of each page, you can arrange shipping. If it says "in-store only" it cannot be shipped.

  • EthanKuhn

    well looking into it its even worse, your policy states that store credit and gift cards are only valid in person, thanks a lot.

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