New Lian Li Lancool 216 case coming


If you haven't gotten a look yet, here is the upgrade from the 215 to the 216

I have some fairly high hopes with this case I wasn't always a fan of the 215 looks, this will be a bit of an upgrade on the looks, I am hopeful that there aren't compromises elsewhere.


  • Wozza

    Excited about this case. Any word on if/when Micro Center will carry it?

  • JS_MC

    I haven't heard anything specifically about whether or not we will carry it. However, we currently carry and have carried many Lian Li cases in the past. I would expect that we will have this in the future! Fingers crossed!

    I'd love to pick one up myself!

  • Vaganza
    Vaganza ✭✭✭✭
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    Finally got to build in one today, There are some things I like about it. It handles cable management well, it is nice and wide, but I think it nearly doubled in weight. Lian Li have been moving their models to a much heavier steel. It looks pretty sharp. The clips along the back right to quickly clip in the CPU power cable is pretty nifty too.

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