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I got suggestion for this build:

To add heatsink I had to disable compatibility filter but it showed as compatible when done at the store. There are 2 possible graphic cards (of course, I will have to choose 1).

My only requirements are: ability to use 6 monitors (with this configuration, I should be able to run 4 monitors on the graphic card and 2 on MB); run few VMs; MB needs to have Bluetooth support for 4 devices; it has been a while since I played any games (>20 years) but, one of these days. I would like to restart playing (flight simulator) even if not at the highest resolution/rate but needs to be playable/enjoyable.

Budget is $1,400-$1,500 before taxes (MB is currently free in store with i7 12700 but not on pc builder).

What would you change/add/remove?



  • Yingdong

    6700xt is much more powerful than 3060, in fact 6700xt is the direct competitor to rtx 3070. For cooler hyper 212 will have a hard time to handle the 14c20t 12700k, you would want dual tower coolers or 240mm/360mm liquid coolers. For air coolers microcenter has limited selection of coolers while generally being expensive, I would recommend go check out thermalright Peerless Assassin 120, or Frost Spirit 140 as they are much cheaper while generally well built.

  • JeremyS

    I would say the cooler is a borderline choice when it comes to cooling that CPU. I would recommend currently the which is $60 right now, which is only $5. Great build quality, cools great, and easy to install.

    As for the GPU I personally would choose nvidia over AMD more so because Nvidia has a better track record on driver support, pushing out fixes, usually better build quality, more longevity in product support and as well as more adoption of nvidias technology. Triple A game companies tend to adopt nvidias platform such as DLSS, Nvidia reflex, Gsync and a good bonus is their overlay software for screen recording replay. Nvidias shadow play is a great benefit which is super light on the system so you can record epic game moments. Overall, yes the AMD does perform a bit better but this is in raw performance numbers which is negligible if you are starting out on your first PC. Many people dont think about AMDs technology for their GPU being adopted like their own raytracing software.

    Good luck! Hope this helps.

  • AmirSaad

    The CPU cooler is correct, make sure you have the bracket for the socket 1700. Noctua NHD 15 is a better choice but will be pricier.

    If you want a video card for future work and not just games, nVidia all they way due to the Cuda core and how they operate.

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