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I am a local IT consultant here in Chicago. I visit Microcenter once or twice a week for computers repair parts, supplies and surveillance equipment. I have been a regular customer perhaps since the Chicago location opened. I was in the store to pick up 2 ssd drives for a CPA client to upgrade and speed up 2 workstations. The SSD drives are usually $39.00. That day there was a sale and the drives were 19.00 but restricted to 1 per customer. I went to the builder section of the store and they printed 2 pickup slips to hand to the cashier so they could pull the drives from the cache of drives near the front of the store. The store was relatively buys and the checkout line was about 10 people deep. When it was my turn, James the floor manager on duty expedited my purchase by taking the 2 pickup slips, grabbing 1 drive from the cage. He then pulled me aside to discreetly tell me that the drives were restricted to one per customer and then he requested a staff person go get another regularly priced drive to make sure I could get out of the store quickly and not stand in line a second time. I was primarily concerned about getting in and out of the store so I could get back to my clients office before EOD and not the price. By pulling me aside James avoided embarrassing me by announcing to the store that there might be a violation of store rules and by getting someone to grab the second drive without going back to the build section of the store he allowed me to complete my sale and go back to work. Thank you James. Microcenter you have a star.


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