Double reserved item



I recently on the 12th reserved a 12700k + Z690 mobo combo (the one that is free with the CPU purchase). I wasn't able to pick it up this weekend and now there's snow flying! I live over an hour away and probably can't make it by Tuesday, so I reserved another after I noticed they came back in stock. Will this conflict at all if it's a limit purchase? Will I lose my reservation when they see I already have one reserved?




  • Ian

    Greetings, reservations automatically cancel after 3 days, that is not an issue to place another.

  • Rye_Bread
    Rye_Bread ✭✭✭✭
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    Heya Brett! I know Ian's already got you covered on the answer, but I just wanna pop in and say I haven't seen this as an issue at the store level before, since technically making a reservation isn't a purchase. You should be all good to go!

    Be safe on your way to the store, and enjoy the combo. Been thinking about getting one myself :)

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