Recommended power supply for 6900xt build?


I am going to upgrade my current build, which is all modern aside from my gpu (1060), with a 6900xt which is also going to require me to get a larger and better thermal performing case as well as upgrade from my 650w power supply. I was doing research and saw that amd recommends a 750w but I saw in both tests and from posts by users that the 6900xt can have power spikes that trip overdraw. I was wondering if anyone knew if a 750w or even 850w would be fine or should I move up to a 1000w power supply?


  • PowerSpec_KenJ
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    The 6900XT is a 300W card, so with another 300W for potential CPU power a 650W would be the absolute minimum. For a better efficiency curve and to protect against capacitor aging, I wouldn't go below 850W, but 1000W would be the best option.

  • Yingdong

    Yep, 750w should be plenty unless you are running some power hungry cpu like 12900k/13900k. A typical 6900xt system draws ~600w(cpu 200w, gpu 300w and ~100w for other components like fan, ram, storage, rgb etc). About the power spike, that wouldn't be a serious concern as proper psu from naming brands already took overcurrent in consideration, even if you draw total 800w of power from a 750w for temporary few seconds it would still be fine and running normal. However it is important to get both a good brand(seasonic, superflower, etc) and higher wattage rating for future upgrade headrooms.

  • magarity
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    I have a 6800XT and the power requirement is very close to the 6900XT. I never have a problem with my 850W PSU.

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