Need help, sorta.

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Hey, casual gamer here, no interest in overclocking, but I wanna buy a system that's futureproofed. I built my last 2 PCs long ago, probably gonna make a build here and have MicroCenter build it so I can pick it up :)

  • I mostly play Wolrd Of Warcraft, and I also mess with some high-end games sometimes, Steam games, Red Dead Redemption and such. Not so much FPS shooters though.
  • I also do art on my PC with Photoshop/Wacom tablet and other drawing software, very minor video editing, and looking to stream on Youtube or Twitch soon.
  • My budget is $1500-2k give or take. 

I am upgrading from an i7-4790K 4.0 (4core 8thread) and an MSI VII hero MB.  Almost anything will be an upgrade haha.

7700x is for sure overkill, but what about motherboards that don't have overclocking etc? As far as a videocard I might wait till 3070ti drops a bit and use my 5700xt for now. 

Thanks :)


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