Desperately need help making sure this parts list will work for what I want to do. Thankyou!!


Hey guys. Looking to build a rig out of the parts listed below in my parts picker link. Will be running games in 2k hopefully high refresh rate for games like the new cod and any upcoming titles as well as everyone's favorite gta 5. wanting to know if the parts will run 2k (hopefully some day 4k) with high settings smoothly. Also will be video editing 1080p go pro footy and again, hopefully one day 4k content.

Here is the link to my parts. Thank you so so so much in 


  • Yingdong

    Looks good. You might want to go for 2x16gb instead of 4x8gb though, two sticks of ram is more stable on consumer grade motherboard as they only support channel ram instead of quad channel. Also that is a weird choice of motherboard though.

  • FpvRipper
    Weird meaning? These parts were suggested to me so I am up for any tips or changes! Thank you for reaching out!
  • Yingdong
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    Generally people choose motherboards within 4 brands: Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Asrock. Others like NZXT, EVGA generally don't make consumers grade motherboards. They use oem boards, which are typically more expensive, only brand enthusiasts would buy them.

    My suggestion of the board are Asus b450 tuf plus ii / Asus b550 tuf plus / Msi b550 mortar. These are the boards in gamers' sweet spot, they offers most features available on high end boards while offers an reasonably low price. If you are doing an all white build, take a look at Asus b550 ROG strix-A and Gigabyte b550 vision-d.

  • FpvRipper
    I really appreciate all the info and the time you took out of your day to help me. Your A1! Thankyou again! 
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