I don’t understand this part at all

So Im thinking of building a pc to play fortnite and a few other games, I go to the micro center and they say I need at least $500 worth of specific parts to run it properly so I almost buy it then I decide to check best buy. The guy at best buy says I can play it on any device even a cheap $50 tablet if I run it through the xbox cloud… so do I need a fancy built pc or will I be able to play any game on the xbox cloud fast without needed a proper pc setup? It just confused me a lot how that works


  • Yingdong

    xbox cloud is be a service included in xbox pass ultimate, a paid subscription with monthly fee of $15, while you will need to have a really high speed network to have a good enough experience(or you would be lagging as hell). I personably would choose to build a pc and own my games, but well, it's your choice.

  • magarity
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    Some people really, really hate that game and it sounds like the BB salesperson is one of them. I really doubt anyone is playing on a tablet for more than a minute just to say that they had done so as a technology experiment. Seriously, what do you think the game experience would really be like, poking at a small touch screen? This comes down to professionalism. The BB guy dislikes your game enough that his response is that it isn't worth playing except as a joke, while the MC person has impartially recommended quite frankly a reasonably priced PC for Fortnite at $500. There is a third type of sales rep, who would have told you it takes a $1000 PC. It's kind of 50-50 that BB would have that kind.

    BB did mention that tablet plan would be $180 per year with no PC to show for it at the end, just a whatever tablet?

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